Cedar Fire Starters
Cedar Fire Starters

Cedar Fire Starters

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Did we mention we make some of the best food-grade fire starters on the market? Our fire starters are perfect for wood-burning ovens, campfires, fireplaces, fire pits, beach fires, and more! Our starters are 100% natural and made from non-toxic cedar wood chips and paraffin wax.

Some of the benefits of using our all-natural firestarters:

  • Natural way to light charcoal.
  • No petroleum odors or aftertaste, non-toxic.
  • No soot and residues after burning.
  • Can be used with both briquettes and lump charcoal.
  • Waterproof and last 30 min 
  • Burn temps up to 1200 degrees, eliminating the need for kindling.
  • Locally made in Marysville, WA.